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Why watch Bangladesh play?

by Gaurav Sethi

Oh no, you really don’t have to – unless of course, Tamim Iqbal is your son, sibling, neighbour, teammate. Earlier Ashraful’s clansmen watched him play, and by default ended up watching the whole darn team make a mess out of it. Then Ashraful, poor Ash, how he made a mess of his cricket, he wasn’t even playing today. Ash boy has been dropped before, for all you know, he must have been on sick leave today – sick of doing nothing about something.

I’m sure Tamim’s people had a good time today. I only put the TV on when he was walking back. 9th wicket he was, of course, I’m not one of Tamim’s people. But if you’re Indian, you know what this kid can do – Tamim has no tameez when it comes to India, and seeing how many Injuns have settled in England, he must’ve mistaken the Poms for us.

But Bangladesh lost again. And I’m so glad, I didn’t watch a ball. Didn’t even refresh the scoreboard, not a tweet, but now this post. Which begs the question, why write Bangladesh play? Oh right, there is Shakib – and this is only England.

Almost as beatable as Bangladesh. If only some of the Balti restauranters got into cricket.

Then it’ll be two Bangla teams playing each other. Both eminently beatable. And the Poms, they can land up for lunch. And good ol' Bumble will tweet as they eat.

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