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Holi with Lord Snooty!

by Gaurav Sethi

Assault on the brat
I walk on to my balcony, Holi is on next door. The spoilt brat, and his minions. He is one of those ruthless runts who missiles the gubaras into his targets.

Even from 50 ft away, they sound more like rock filled balloons than water carriers. SMACK! WHACK! SHACK! FACK! He knocks each one of his water slaves. His target is true, even if he isn’t.

Attack from close range
Then, there’s a mutiny. The enslaved kids move in for the kill – they reach for the gubara filled bucket indoors and unleash their water wrath on to the brat. Phusss! Fusss! Their aim is crap. Limp shots they take at the brat.

Will they be part of some cricket team – don’t see them get any run-outs. Except from handshake distance, that’s when they inflict some damage on the brat.

Snooty being splashed
As for the brat, he strikes me like one Lord Snooty, Saurav Chandidas Ganguly. He sure prints his balloons on to the enemy psyche. Must be Happy Holi – to you!

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