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Let's address the liar, stabber, world record holder.

by Gaurav Sethi

At times you should be thankful for the cricket you don’t watch. Case in point Morton’s innings - a crash course in self flagellation. Many moons ago Morton was rough on me. Then today, the Gods were kind enough to spare me. Appears he opened with Gayle, bring back Fletcher, Haynes, anybody. Gayle deserves better, no wonder he refuses to play more than 5 balls. Morton has this effect on people. Ideally he should play some form of solitary cricket.

What did Morton do to warrant such love – he had his 15 balls of infamy, for 3 runs, no less. Death by Runako lasted 19 minutes.

The spectators at the MCG thought it was the heat, the beer, but it was Morton alone who gave them sunstroke. If streakers can be banned for assaulting players, I urge the ICC to ban Runako for raping our senses. For all I care let him become WICB President.

They need him. They often act in haste.

All you never wanted to know about the liar, stabber, world record holder

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