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Can Sehwag tame Steyn?

by Damith S.

The 3rd day is probably the day this test is really going to start. After the SA bored us into submission for two days we are all set for Lord Sehwag to get his groove on.

Even the tricky 4 overs yesterday didn't deter him. And ended with 9 off 10.

Are Steyn, Morkel and Uncle Kallis going to be his next victims?


Nathan said...

He (Steyn) gave us the shits, hopefully you can do something with him!

Mock Wah said...

winner Rnd 1. Viru
winner Rnd 2. Steyn

Damith S. said...

Mock Wah, Id say both rounds went to Steyn. Any 100 Sehwag makes that is more than a run a ball is him being tamed !