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Quote Unquote

by Homer

“I got a call from one of the BCCI officials requesting me to prepare a turning track as per the wish of the team management. However, I have clearly told him that I want an official communication, like an e-mail, stating what should be the nature of the wicket. Also, I don’t know how we can change the nature of the strip overnight,”
“They (BCCI officials) called me today, requesting I come up with a pitch that will suit the Indian brand of cricket. Test cricket is meant to be played on good wickets. Can anyone please define what exactly is a turner? If you want the ball to turn square from day one, why do you need a curator? The Eden Gardens wicket will have even bounce and decent carry. Spinners will come into play as the match meanders along,”
“I haven’t got any instructions from the BCCI. I’m trying to prepare what should be an ideal Test wicket,"
"I have not received any instruction from the Board about preparation of the wicket at Eden Gardens,"
“There has been no official instruction. I was talking to some BCCI officials and it appeared that the team management wants a spinning wicket, but that was it.” 
Question - How difficult is it for a hack to report a statement ad verbatim without editorializing it? 

Question - What was VVS Laxman thinking when he said that there was a dearth of spinners in India? Our cadre of cricket journalists will put any spinner to shame!


kny789 said...

A part of me hopes that he gave seperate interviews to each of those papers and hence the difference... but it's probably likely they were just lazy.

Homer said...


Even if they were separate interviews, it does not explain the difference in the narratives. Its one thing to state that the BCCI demanded a turner and quite another that a square turner was mentioned in passing.

And there is a thin line between lazy and malicious.. And our journos dont seem to make the distinction between one and the other.


Trideep said...

Expected isn't it?

Prabu said...

Homer - that last sentence was too good!

kny789 said...


Completely agree with you on the issue. I'm able to use the term lazy for them because I've long ago accepted that Journalists back home are just not as professional as they should be.

The malicious aspect especially seems to appear when it comes to cricket and politics, and journalists look for sensationalism rather than actual honest reporting.

Your point does strike a chord with me though and it is a sad situation when a lot of people (myself included) just accept these things as part and parcel of Indian culture and brush it off.

Jonathan said...

Homer, I suppose it's possible that Prabir Mukherjee is changing his story for the various journalists, but it doesn't seem likely, does it?

kny, I wouldn't label it part of Indian culture, though - you don't have too look too far for similar examples jsut about everywhere. Remember how Bollinger was going to take out the throats of the Windies batsmen?

harry said...

i guess these hacks are trying to confuse the SAffers!!
ofcourse there is gonna be a turning track ! irony is harris is lickin his fingers!!and durby is hoarse cryin- "You can’t really take five wickets every day................. ..blah,blah"