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Something happened.

by Gaurav Sethi

It was a few days’ back, but I got to say this – I had just walked into a beach shack that looked like it was sitting in the sea. It was the kind of visual trick that makes you want to stare and soak it in. And there was this band doing Hendrix on the side. There was also this tiny TV on the Coke fridge. Yeah, Sachin was on coke alright.

While his 200th run took a while, a waiter waited – first he was handed 3 Kingfisher pints; he waited. Then a roti basket; he waited. Next a lobster came, went on his head; he waited. Tiger prawns between his legs; he waited. I waited. You waited.

Sachin scored that 200th run, Foxy Lady played, and the sea looked like it was spilling over into our shack. And I think of that line from American Beauty.


Homer said...


Homer said...

Classic too... Cant even get the words out right!

Sfx said...

Good stuff..

Som said...

Awesome! T'kar By the Sea!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Thanks man, Homer, it was overwhelming.

Hi and cheers Sfx

Thanks, si senor Som!

ChayWrites said...