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by Gaurav Sethi

Talking of MoYo can the other Yusuf be far behind – damn it, he scored a hundred, and nearly cut his half brother in half while doing so. Anything pitched up, and he was playing like he belonged. He was in the Zone, the West Zone at that – coming at two down; what is it with that position, even MoYo likes it.

He played in the air, played like it was a domestic tournament – came in at 18/2 and walked out at 184/7. He made 108 of those barely facing a ball; he was that quick. The bang bang aside, I liked that one ball where he negotiated a bouncer on middle – lowered wrists, head out of the way. His harshest critics will say, what head?

He did play a lot in the air, and for me Yusuf Pathan could be the first cricketer in space – if Shane Warne holds his hand. But yeah, Uthappa will be hovering close-by too – and you can be sure our criconauts will have fountain pens on them. What will Virus make of them? Dismissed.

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