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Duleep Trophy Final - Update on Discards

by Ankit Poddar

I know most of us would not be watching this match, after all the spectators are banned for this one. I also know most of us would not care about this match, after all it is just Duleep Trophy.

However, I have got interested in this one. It is a match full of Indian discards, more than the Indian hopefuls.

While some matches are not awarded first class status, some are. This one is of the second type. DKNY, or BossDK or Dinesh Karthik, has showed that he can bat well in these type of domestic tournaments and how is the second best keeper-batsman in the country. After being reduced to 120-4, the captain of South Zone did well to allow his team to finish the day at 356/6 with his own 161*.

Another Indian discard, Irfan Pathan took 3 wickets to help his side West Zone get the early advantage. Ravindra Jadeja took 2 wickets as well. Looks like Indian discards are taking this match real seriously. There are other discards in the other team as well. Will they perform as well?!

The second day begins in some time. With both Karthik and Ganpathy at the crease, Lord Shiva must be having his fingers crossed!


Sarat said...

LOL! That last line was priceless.

Ankit Poddar said...


I am glad you liked it!

straight point said...

now irfan pathan has a five-for!

it bodes well for him as well as team india if he can sustain this new found zest... for he provides the much needed balance...

raj said...

Last line :lol: