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Bored Game: Fantasy Cricket Match 17 Update

by achettup

17 out of the 56 league games have now been completed... thats just about 30%, so there is a long way to go yet... so preserve those changes, you might need them at the rate at which players are getting injured. You've probably settled on the kind of team you like and will only make the odd change here and there for a specific match, like maybe Yusuf Pathan for Symonds every two matches... but remember if one of your low priced players goes out, like say Rayadu at $75k, you might find it hard to squeeze in another (and maintain the allowed combo ratios of batsmen, bowlers and allrounders) - so you might end up making more than one change...

Enough of strategy, here are the current standings... oh look, is that a dashing Bored Member leading the charts :D

1 comment:

Jim Nariel said...

Bored? suggest they need to watch and play the real thing - much better