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Uncensored, and not on TV.

by bored cricket crazy indians

KKR vs MI, from back to front, how it panned out -

Dada played fine leg, Tendu plays third man.

Saurav's one-handed catch:
That ball must not have been travelling
A Haharsha catch

Ishant after being bashed around:
"Ek aur nahin karoonga"

Response to Sehwag's tweet
So is KKR RT @sehwagvirender: Supporting MI.

When the MI batsmen call 2, the KKR fielders call 4

Lovely angles and ungals from Tendu - dada feeling much fingered

All the fielders look like Dada, the rolls, somersaults, extra effort where none is needed

Dravid to Sachin - "No, no, no you can't unretire from intl. T20s, you're not Pak..."

Kumble on today's game: Only one team was playing cricket

KKR strat - let's play out Bhajji, Malinga, Zaks, Mc...

Why doesn't Bhajji bowl like this for the other Indians

Ganguly attempts the chinese cut; instead some sushi

Keeeper appealing enthusiastically to make up for earlier lapses. smart.

MI strategy: choke the off side runs, bowl a wide legside line

With that haircut, Shikhar Dhawan really should play more

Remarkable, Dada clears the 30 yard circle and a boundary in front of square - on the on

Ok, let's swap the fineleg fielder with the keeper

Dravid: On the legside first there's the devil, then there's dada

For Dada four finelegs pls.

Also, gng by the Karbonn ad, Viru now needs a laugh transplant

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