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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

That's right. In true IPL style we're going to unabashedly toot our trumpet. We already have players from all over the globe taking part in our Fantasy League. Rumour is a Dubai-based website has expressed interest in some cross-promotion activities. IPL might have lost out on bidding for two new franchises and have just 8 teams. We already have 18 and you don't have to bid any money to join our league. There is no clause of a $1 billion networth, even people with low self esteem can join in. The only guarantee we want is your active participation. There is no need to spend half a million on downloading a tender. Just go through this and be part of our league!

Position Manager Team Name Points
-- HundredPercentBarcelonista*LM The Mahekoholics 0
-- Alwin11 11 idiots 0
-- narayam Madagascar Penguins 0
-- Rishabh The Not-quite-greats 0
-- ONLYME Nikus X1 0
-- sornakatta Hara-kiri 0
-- destructive_force64 chessters_11 0
-- nav099 nav 0
-- cornflakes Footballers XI 0
-- aashrey88 Wibbly Wobbly 0
-- aditya.chv forwardshortleg 0
-- Achettup SoaL Smashers 0
-- archit38 Sons of pitches 0
-- JazzAway Cracked11 0
-- brainstorm87 xLnC_1 0
-- VelvetFlair Tweeting Team! 0
-- kishorepuria anubhav11 0
-- tanmayp KKR_1 0


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