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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

Another masterclass from Tendulkar has seen his believers soar to the top. Yours truly jumped a place too thanks to his restrained faith in the Little Master. Jatman, meanwhile, has stuck to a purely Indian XI. He tried going with just his Daredevils but it's hard to back players falling like tenpins. Atleast Agent Dhawan helped him move up the board.

Tomorrow sees the Deccan Chargers play after a long gap. Make sure you don't pick Gilchrist, Symonds, Nohit or Vaas. They're only going to help you stay/jump ahead of me and I might just bar your team from the league if you do that. This is also a good time to fill your players with the Royal Chokers, they don't play again till the 31st. This will help you get on my good side and I'm the Commish.

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