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Toxic Prince.

by Bored Guest

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the Dormouse ask Alice "That begins with an M, such as... muchness - you know you say things are 'much of a muchness' - did you ever see... a drawing of a muchness?"

His ‘muchness’ is fast disappearing, but that’s not such a worry. The spoilt brat of India cricket, Yuvi, aka Yuvraj, aka, Crybaby No 1, is now turning toxic. Much like his mentor, the imperious Sourav Ganguly aka Lord Snooty, Yuvraj has decided that the best way to regain his captaincy is to behave like a perfect ass, bat like a donkey, field like a khachar, and bray like a mule. His only redeeming feature at present being is pie-chucker variety of bowling. Go figure!

All this is not such a worry for Team India as other exciting is fast emerging, but is proving to be a REAL concern for Preity’s team. It is clearly sucking the life-blood out of King’s Eleven Punjab. Sack the bugger or, if you don’t want to hurt the poor mama’s boy’s feeling for fear that me might burst in tears and flood the playing area, somebody trip on his bad knee during practice. Get him out of the team or start mapping KKR’s 2009 journey.

Forget about his transgressions, like security breach, indiscipline etc. These are minor issues. The problem is attitude and this must be dealt with square on. One reverse sweep against Murali does not count for much.

The Punjabis and the country deserve much better than a sulking hulk pretending to be a cricketer.

By Daman


Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored Daman.

Punjab just pushed DD to the losers pole position - gonna be hard to beat.

Time to look at Yuvi as a bowling allrounder, bat him at 7 down, not that u can hide him

Rohit said...

I fail to understand how the debate matters either way. He's just going to sulk for the next fortnight, that's it. If the team owners don't want him, they won't purchase his services next year. He's never really performed up to expectations in the IPL so the captaincy debate may not be the most cogent explanation for his performance, or lack of thereof.

Yuvraj still remains India's batting mainstay in T20's as he showed in the last world cup, off the back of a mediocre IPL incidentally. It is presumptuous to say that he can be replaced in the Indian line up. It is equally presumptuous to blame him for Punjab's lethargic performances.

Anonymous said...

Act 1 -
All hail the prince. Icon-cricketer. Son of the soil. Captain of the franchise.

Act 2 -
Prince past prime. Prince underperforms. Team underperforms. Team sulks & sucks. Aussie coach unhappy. Owners unhappy. Aussie coach convinces owners to dump captain. Prince loses captaincy. Team wicketkeeper made captain.

Act 3 -
Prince past prime. Prince continues to underperform. Team continues to underperform. Team still sulks and sucks. Aussie coach still unhappy. Owners still unhappy. New captain's batting also sucks. Prince also sulks.

And we are not talking about Ganguly, Buchanan, SRK or McCullum! It is a uncanny almost surreal parallel. Delicious. Can wait for Act4 - episode 1025.

I watch IPL because it beats any other soap. Of course it is not for the cricket, silly!

Bored Member said...

Anon, yr comment is now up as a post here. Welcome on bored.