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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

Honestly, should there even be an update tonight? Boring game between two terrible sides. It might have been a close one when you consider how bad they are but Punjab contrived to make Ganguly look like Dada. Heck even Agarkar looked like he fancied bowling in the big league.
So what does this mean for our league? Well nothing. The shambolic umpiring has meant my Trump Player got out for a duck and I'm still stuck at 20. Jatman is still floundering in 26th place. Sure, it's been kind for ABVan, but Ach has dropped another place.

1 comment:

Aditya said...

Mahek, Finally Ganguly has scored a half century this IPL this can only be a good sign for you :)

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