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It’s fashionable to follow DKNY

by bored cricket crazy indians

Who would’ve thought from one blog that had something to say about DK, he'll have a whole damn group on Facebook. It doesn’t take much really. Bored Cricket is on facebook. With the IPL coming, Yusuf Pathan and the cheerleaders’ clothes will have fans too.

Should you join – Yes. It’s very easy. Just like the 2 am callups that DK’s accustomed to; better still, you can leave when DK’s dropped, and join again, and leave and drop…naturally, MSD @fb will be far more compelling, but that will be overcrowded.

Here with DK@FB you’ll be part of something that nobody rates. The IPL’s coming, DK’s stock rises, he will play the odd winning knock, score his Manhattans, and speak like Scorsese. Watch New York New York while you’re at it.


Aashrey said...

Haha that is brilliant. He deserves way more than his 140 fans. Come on, everyone, fan him now.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Aashrey, surprised he had so many. Must be his big fat indian family

Aashrey said...

Munaf Patel has 160 fans. 160.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Barely 4 hrs later and he now has 162. 162.

Like the exchange at Munna's page -

- Munaf i want to see u back in the team bowling at 150Ks.Dont concentrate more on line and length.Pace is what matters.

- 150km, r u joking

Aashrey said...

Lol, saw that. Our first target is to take Munna down then.

Gaurav Sethi said...

There's also the curious I hate Sehwag group; the 'deshis. Check the visual for the 3 member group.