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Unhappy Holi with MSD and RPS!

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s not uncommon for advertisers to sign up couples – Saif and Bebo, John Abraham and Bips, you and me; and now MSD and RP Singh. For many mornings their mugs assaulted the front page of the Mail Today. But as it was only a realtor, I decided to give them some space. Then today I saw this – notice the shoddy photoshop colour on their faces.

There was a time, MSD’s ads were first rate. Remember the village gel ad? Guess what, I just stumbled upon a page full of MSD ads. Good thing, no Aircel ads. We’ll have enough of that in the IPL.


Som said...

I sniff an unholy alliance between them, NC.

Crownish said...

I remember the classiest of them all, MSD's first ad ever, for Mysore Sandal Soap.
Can't find any videos of that online.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, yeah, they go back a long way. longer than MS-Bhajji

Crownish, yeah? missed that one