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The Mumbai story

by Homer

5. 7. 1-3.

Three sets of numbers that define the Mumbai IPL story so far. 5th in the first edition. 7th in the second. And a head to head of 1-3 against that most hated of rivals, Delhi.

So far, so bleak. But like with every dark cloud or every tunnel, there is a silver lining. Or light at the end.
And what better place to begin the march to redemption than in the home of the enemy.
The tools are there. The Mumbai roster looks more balanced than it was in the previous two years. There is depth, and there is strength in depth. Mumbai has recruited well, it is now time for the recruits to repay the faith.
So Ferozshah Kotla, here we come. Ab Dilli door nahin!


Mahek said...

Did you have Shastri ghost your post? Come on, you can do better than "dark cloud-tunnel-silver lining.

I have no idea how Mumbai have been so bad so far. They had the personnel to do it last year as well and should have made the semis. I would even argue that Duminy was in much better form last year than Pollard is coming into this edition, and the Caribbeans aren't sure to make the XI as they only come in tonight. Jayasuriya is a bit of hit and miss and Harbhajan may not be fit, although it doesn't make much difference anyway.

Homer said...


All of that data is wasted in the comment..Would have looked better in your post.Or should I say, riposte!


Mahek said...

Lol, I know. I didn't realise I was supposed to do it separately. To be honest, there isn't much to write cricket-wise because both sides have really good players upfront and it's impossible to pick who will come out on top.

Unknown said...

I hope the match lives up to its billing.

kny789 said...

Really looking forward to this. I'm scrapping my fantasy team after this match (partly coz i'm doing so badly and partly coz it's way too distracting at work) so now i'll be concentrating mostly on the Mumbai games.

Interesting to see who Mumbai pick though. I reckon Bravo and Malinga should be the first choice internationals then choose between Pollard/Jayasuriya/Mclaren/Duminy. Pollard and Jayasuriya probably get the pick, Jayasuriya especially coz of his spin.

Also anyone heard anything about the status of Nayar? He HAD to have had an injury because there is no way they could justify not playing him. I rate him above Satish, and let's be honest, Tiwarys batting is just Nayar-Lite, without a handy bowling option.

Samir Chopra said...

Homer: The Mumbai squad looks pretty strong, I have to say.