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Witnessed India's victory at National Stadium last evening

by K

Dear Bored Members you'd be proud to know that I was there to witness India decimate Pakistan on the opening day of the Hockey World Cup at the National Stadium.

This victory comes as a whiff of fresh air as I had grown sick of the hype generated by Tendulkar's double hundred.


Arvind said...

It made me real happy to watch the boys hand out a high-calibre ass-kicking.
pity there arent any indian hockey blogs to follow. you guys aware of any?

Mahek said...

I'm glad someone finally came out and said it :)

Big game tomorrow. Hope you'll be there for it. I might be in Delhi next week, definitely plan to go to one of the games. Hopefully it will be a semi-final featuring India.

Samir Chopra said...

No live coverage, no nothing. No wonder hockey languishes.

Even Ten Sports cannot be bothered to show us hockey clips or highlights on its website. Unf*ingbelievable.

Rayden said...

Hey, its awesome you were there at the stadium. I really wish I could be there as well. Delhi is lucky its getting to host the Hockey World Cup and Commonwealth Games. Mumbai sucks when its comes to sporting events. Don't get to watch anything.

@samir - Ten Sports is showing the matches live. Although i was surprised they didnt have any proper highlights package etc.