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After Thank You Sachin, what next?

by Gaurav Sethi

Saurav and Sachin are talking on the phone. While Saurav is in his tub playing with a rubber duck, Sachin is leafing through a coffee table book titled Thank You Sachin!

SAURAV: Thank you Sachin!

SACHIN: I-LA! How did you know I was reading that?

SAURAV: Are you? I want to thank you for not playing today…resting Zaks, Bhajji, Polaroid..

SACHIN: Polaroid bole toh?

SAURAV: Pollard…Polaroid…kya instant mein develop ho jata hai!

SACHIN: Good joke! I will share it during a team meeting…Pollard Polaroid…yess..

SAURAV: Bravo bilkul bewakoof – what he says nobody understands, so your team was in total disarray baba…bilkul beautiful…thanks again…means a lot to me to go out on a winning note…next year ka chance strong hai…and Eden crowd baba…too much

SACHIN: Bravo says even he can’t understand what he says…I-LA! What was that?

SAURAV: Oh, I just squeezed the rubber duck…


SAURAV: Sorry Sachin…mistake..

SACHIN: What an idea, sirjee…Sorry Sachin…new campaign, coffee table book ka…Tharoor, Modi all apologising to me…

Just then, door swings open and Bhajji barges in

BHAJJI: Sorry Sachin...I just had to see you now


Unknown said...

Bhajji barging in... to be continued?

Som said...

Hahaha, too good!!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Of course Rishabh!

Cheers Som!

Keshav said...

Sourav Squeezing the rubber duck
And Sachin says, WTF....

Hey, that's poetic man! :-)

Well Dada is really left squeezing it... no other options :-)


Gaurav Sethi said...

Expect you to notice that Keshav - you gng for the semis, finals, all of them?