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The birth of Crashrafool.

by Bored Guest

Birthdays are meant to be celebratory occasions and at least once in your life, you must celebrate your birthday in a crash and bang manner, waking up the next day and not remembering a single thing, regardless of who you are.

If you are somebody though, the basic rules don’t change, but the intensity goes through the roof and into the homes of aliens in galaxies far, far away.

The arrival of Ashraful was one such occasion. Whether he was somebody or not in the beginning of his career is irrelevant. He was small, he terrorized Australians in one game and had strokes that made Ricky upset. That was enough for us to crown him a ‘somebody’.

So we celebrated his birthday. We banged, we crashed and we lit things on fire. By things, I mean fireworks, not people. That was Ashraful’s job, to set bowlers on fire, so we let it be. We woke up the next day not remembering a single detail.

Unfortunately, Ashraful never stopped celebrating. Worse, he chose his birth date at random. It was often and it came several times a year. Every time it was celebrated in the same manner-crash and burn. Ashraful burned often and he burned quickly. Sadly, it was Bangladesh that crashed every time.

Staying true to the very last detail of the analogy, Ashraful remembered none of it the next day. Jamie Siddons tried to bring back his memory, but when a man has no hair to protect his brain, who is going to trust his ability to remember? Hence Ashraful forgot and looked every bit the fool, just like his name.

But the ‘fool’ only made him half a man and that is just downright insulting. He is no longer a boy, but a strapping young lad of twenty-five who continues to crash...a word that conveniently contains the first part of his name.

And so crash joined fool, to become Crashraful. The little boy was on his way to becoming a man.

Purna blogs at Cricket Minded, and is not South African.


straight point said...

sending him to mumbai (indians) they (SMG, RS and Harsha) will at least make sure the hype remains... we have our version of crashrafool in rohit... but every time he comes to bat they force us to look at his class... rather than scores... :)

Thiru Cumaran said...

Generally, it's Six & Out for Crashrafool.

Today, it'll be Six, Six & Out!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on bored Purna.

Now expect Crashrafool to not live up to his new name and score heavily.

Purna said...

Thanks guys.

And NC I really hope that happens!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Look who went and made 65