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"Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai" Breaking News - Bored Posts raided

by KhufiaBaaz

Language Mafia raids Bored Posts

Officers belonging to the Grammar, Syntax and Semantics department of the Language Mafia have conducted simultaneous raids on multiple Bored Posts, it has been learnt.

Officers were seen gleaning through the different Bored Posts to identify any syntactic or grammatical errors. "Its a can of worms" one officer was heard to be saying.. "F7 F7 please.. F7" said another.

Our reporters on duty have also learned that officials belonging to the Arts Department have conducted seperate raids on Bored.. While no official was willing to comment on record, some officials described the situation as "too sketchy"  and "too much bad pun".

No official statement has been issued by the Language Mafia so far. However it is suspected that the ongoing spat between two Bored members has triggered this raid.


Mahek said...

You two just COULDN'T keep it together, could you?

khufiabaaz said...

breaking news: one seedha member has already gone underground fearing these raids coz he is the one bored member who is most notorious in this regard...