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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

That's it. I give up. I've had it with Fantasy Cricket. Whoever I pick decides to be a no-show. My Trumps can't take wickets or score in double digits. It would be great if the leaders shared their insights.

The top 7 remain unchanged with ABVan keeping his lead and Parth and Aditya close behind. I might just ban them if they don't reveal their secrets here. So guys if you're listening, it's time you told us how you've been getting my players to perform so badly.


Jatman said...

Note: Jatman's meteoric rise from 25 to 24, and now up to 18 - with only Indian players and up to 6 DD players at times including himself.

crownish said...

a little effort over the past few days and I could have broken into the 20s!

Mock Wah said...

Seriously wonder how/what ABVan & co. are getting it right. None of my changes hv clicked and when I dump them they suddenly remember to perform *ARGH*! I have given up all hopes now.. Just waiting for this to end.

ps: was once in the top 10 :(