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Bored Game: IPL Fantasy League Update

by Mahek

And so the conspiracy continues. You would think a 39-ball 78 would beat a three-for on a turning track but you would be wrong. Just as Gautam Gambhir was about his team. As a result, I'm a hundred points less than where I should be thanks to the IPL commentators having something against me. But I'll have my revenge soon. For now though, Sid has opened up a slight gap between him and ABVan who is around 400 points ahead of the alphabet man. Jatman has moved into the top 20 thanks to his trump player Raina.

Mumbai have ensured they will finish top of the table with 8 games left in the league stage. It's a mad scrap for the three remaining semifinal spots. Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi are occupying the semifinal positions right now but two of them have indulged in a bit of harakiri. Bangalore have gone from 4-1 to 6-6 while Delhi have lost three in a row in comically pathetic fashion.

Deccan look best placed to capitalise after their three-game winning streak and both their games are away from home, not that they've really had a home. They have a bad net run-rate but win two and it won't matter one bit. Rajasthan are as unpredictable as the English weather and have to play Bangalore at home with their last game away at the Eden Gardens. Neither game will be easy. Kolkata are on the back of two maulings but will be happy to be playing their last two games at home. They should back themselves to beat Rajasthan and might even fancy their chances against Mumbai who will probably rest a few key players. They'll have to win those games big because they have the worst net run-rate in the league.

But there is a very remote chance of Punjab sneaking into the semis.They have to win their two remaining games and hope Bangalore, Kolkata, Deccan and Chennai don't win any games and it will come down to net run-rate between Punjab, Bangalore, Kolkata, Deccan and Chennai.

Does this have any bearing on our little fantasy league? Not much, but a look at the schedule will tell you to replace your Bangalore players with those from those from Kolkata on the 17th. Once the league stage is over, there will be unlimited transfers as teams like mine will be given the opportunity to make up for their non-performance.


Gaurav Sethi said...

Punjab still making it, do they know - because if they did, they'll start losing again. Anyway next 2 games, Dharamsala, they'll get cold feet

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