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Bored Member Homer To Be Reprimanded For Unnecessary Disclosure

by achettup

We are hereby taking the strictest possible action against Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer for unnecessary disclosures which amount to a breach of contract signed with Bored when he joined. Action has been taken under Article 42 (the meaning of Bored) Clause IXV Section (iii), which states

A Bored Member of seniority may be reprimanded by other members of the Bored, of greater, equal or lower standing, in the event that in the opinion of the Bored Council, that member has made public, statements that the Bored Council deems inappropriate or unnecessary for the knowledge of the Bored Universe. Bored would also at this time like to dispute the Big Bang theory, but that shall be followed up in greater detail in Article 6.023, Clause X, Section 23 where the thoughts of skeptics who dwell on turtlebacks shall be made in their entirety and with full clarity.
Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer is hereby reprimanded and requested not to repeat the same in a public forum on behalf of Bored or in his capacity as a Bored Member. We are hereby invoking Bored Principle which specifically was drafted for just such an occasion and which reads
Know Your Role, And SHUT Your Mouth
Bored (legit) Disclosure: The above was not plagiarized, just borrowed.

1 comment:

crownish said...

On behalf of Shri Homer, I would like to say, "D'oh!"