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Clarification on the "Statement issued on the ongoing Bored Scandal by Bored Member Hon. Shri Homer"

by Homer

It has been brought to my notice that a statement has been issued in my name on the pages of Bored.

I categorically deny having issued any such statement. This is nothing but a lie used by my opponents to sully my reputation.This is a conspiracy by certain vested interests in the Bored who are jealous of me and the work I have done for the Bored.It saddens me that after all these years dedicated to the Bored, I have to endure this humiliation.

I have been subjected to a media witch hunt, having been selectively misquoted by sections of the media to besmirch my good name.  

I have always been, and shall remain, a loyal and humble foot soldier for the Bored. To my supporters, be aware that my sex life is alive and well. Sure it take a blue pill, sometimes four, and I put the quick in quickey more often than not, but atleast I am not Matthew Hayden in Chennai colors.

To my well wishers and friends, you are the great unwashed. This makes you our future.God help us all!

And for those who are yet to be convinced, you will note that the Statement issued in my name does not contain my name!

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