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KhufiaBaaz: Conflictofinterestwallahs Anonymous

by John

The leaked minutes of the last Conflictofinterestwallahs Anonymous meeting!

The President: I declare this meeting of Conflictofinterestwallahs Anonymous open. As usual, the new members of our support group will introduce themselves.

SF: Hi everyone, my name is Shashi Furore and I have several conflicts of interest. I am a Minister of State in the External Affairs Ministry in charge of the Middle East. I may also have a few business interests in Dubai. I am a member of the Congress Party. I may also be a writer of bad novels that have been critical of Nehru. Thank you.

LS: Hi, I am Lalit Shady and I have several conflicts of interest. I am the BigDick of the worlds biggest sporting league. My family members may have financial interests in certain teams in this league. Thank you for welcoming me.

The President: Everyone, please join me in welcoming these two conflictofinterestwallahs.

Everyone: Welcome Furore, welcome Shady.

The President:
Now to briefly introduce myself. I am Sharad Gawar, the Cabinet Minister for Agriculture. I may also be the richest farmer in this country.


Soulberry said...

Hi, I am Omi Ghotala. I am here to lodge a protest The President's lying! Gawar is just that, gawar..I am the richest Indian farmer.

And don't listen to Badales and Burnwalas - they may claim to be the richest but they are simply bad dreamers.

I think I should have an Eye Pee Ell team for Ghotalaland too. Any percentages available? Free, or I will pay with latthi...

Gaurav Sethi said...

There's a series of unfortunate events in this, good one John

Som said...

Bee's knees John!

sraghuna said...

I want back in ...pretty please ... Fudgemohan Daalmekaalamia!