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The night before – IPL Party

by Gaurav Sethi

The players, blondes, media, shady sorts, everybody’s there. Gibbs and Symonds catch a word with each other midst all the crazies

You lucky….you lucky…you lucky not playing

It’s not easy sitting out but finally there are only four foreign players you can play…

Have you…have you gone…gone insane…I’m not the f#@*** media,

Shhh…we’re being watched, always…I just watched LSD…these media guys, they want videos of us doing…

Doing? Doing what…what are….who we doing…you man sold out…not drinking enough…and your f&*** benched

(To journalist)
Very nice Virgin Mary, you never know when your team needs you, tomorrow is a big game and I’m raring to go…

You…you loser drinking virgin mary…let me give you a bloody nose…

Symonds aims to knock Gibbs nose, who ducks and instead he smashes a blonde hostess – appropriately, Blood on the dance floor starts to play

NOHIT SHARMA swears in a shady corner, while Raina and the CSK crowd walk out behind MSD. Symonds catches MS by his collar

Man, you…you…you buy me next time I wanna wanna

Hey man, MS, you know that Priyanka Chopra chick man…she’s got the right credentials…

Cut to Shastri at the Bar

Hah…and the eco tip of the day is to drink Mojitos…

Two Blondes laugh hysterically alongside Shastri, as Russel Arnold murmurs into his drink -

Some guys have all the luck...

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