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9 30 am T20 matches

by Ankit Poddar

Indians are bored and cricket crazy. We know that. Hell, even the title of this blog page that you are reading say so! So, why am I making this repetitive point again? Am I trying to make a point with the 9.30 am T20 Matches, that are being played in the Windies for the prime time audience in India? No, I am not doing that really, for you have already discussed that with your friends or other bored members.

The point that I am making is that 9.30 am T20 matches are actually brilliant for the audience that wishes to see the match in the stadium too. Picture this:

There is an international T20 being played in your city. Your hours begin at 10. You know, your boss knows, your peon and even your girlfriend knows that there is nothing done till the lunch hours have ended by 2. Of course, you moron, you are not the only lazy bitch around who does not work till lunch. It is a worldwide norm, and that is where 9.30 matches would make sense.You go to the match at 9.30, watch the match get over 12.30, reach in time for lunch hours, and get back to work by 2.

Your boss does not have a problem with that, because now you are not going to rush back after the mandatory eight hours. Your girlfriend does not have a problem with that, because none of your late evening plans get cancelled, and she does not have to wake you with a morning call either. Of course, you are getting up on your own for the match. And you, well never mind. You are bored, cricket and crazy, anyways!

Think the author is high on dope? Well, that is what the author thinks about the English team!


Unknown said...

What about us students and 9.30am matches? It's either class or sleep time that gets in the way!

Mahek said...

Don't lie Rishabh, it's only sleep that gets in the way at 9:30 am when you're in college.

Unknown said...

Some of us attend classes and pay attention!
But yeah, sleep.