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Bungle-a-desh and other good puns.

by Gaurav Sethi

Ashraful and I go back a long way. I wrote about him even before he picked a cricket bat. Then I wrote about him when he picked a cricket bat and whacked the Aussies. Then he was A player in the B team. Now he’s the F player in the B team. Purna calls him Crashrafool.

But there’s a problem there. He refuses to play to reputation. Now that nobody believes he has a reputation see what he’s gone and done – he nearly did Pakistan. 65 of 49. It’s another thing, Bangladesh went Crashrafool.

It did help that Tamim didn’t steal the show – poor Ashraful he can’t play second fiddle, not to Tamim, not even to himself. Yesterday he wasn’t himself. For a while he was Shakib. But then so was Shakib. 47 of 31. 2 Shakibs in a team, tell Tamim and Mahmudullah they’re playing India, and the Deshis can be a pain in any side.

PS: If everyone plays like Shakib, then the B'desh team should be called Shakib All Hasan

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Eric said...

All fine & good pus. I am seriously pun afflicted. See my blog for my pun therapy: