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RDX: Fly on the wall

by Bored Guest

It’s not because I don’t bowl myself, but I don’t care much for batsman who make the team on the strength of their bits and pieces bowling. Allow me to continue on Yusuf Pathan, who bats at No. 7 and bowls a few overs (2-3 in both one-dayers and T20). In my opinion that is not on.

A part-timer like Yusuf makes the team at the cost of a more accomplished bowler or batsman. It may be argued that without Yusuf at 7 the balance of the team is hurt – I don’t think so. Yusuf only adds to the team on paper.

If only Greg Chappell had a chance to work on Yusuf Pathan instead of his brother, Irfan, Indian cricket would’ve been well served.

Even today, in the game against Sri Lanka, Yusuf is yet to bowl, and we’re at over number 45, with the batting power play on. If he hasn’t bowled so far, I doubt he will bowl at all. It’s time to ask the question, is Yusuf being protected – and if so, by whom?

Personally, I’m working on my bowling in the nets. It is clear to me, that batting alone cannot earn me a spot in the World Cup. Watching Dinesh Karthik keep in the last few games, I feel he still has a long way to go, to even consider himself the second choice keeper.

Even though keeping was a thankless job, I’m not averse to keeping wickets again, if the team feels they need my services. In addition, I can also be the 3rd or 4th choice opener if one of the regular openers is unavailable. And even though opening did not come naturally to me, Viru and I have shared a 400 plus partnership opening where we nearly overhauled the world-record. If need be, I can also bat at my regular No. 3 position, but then again, this is up to the selectors. They know best.

by RDX
This is the second in a series of posts by RDX, exclusively for Bored Cricket Crazy Indians.

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Unknown said...

Rahul Dravid. Awesome.