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A Tribute to the Bajans

by Mahek

The world may know Barbados as the land of beautiful beaches and famous sprinters, but to the cricketing world it is the country that might possibly have the greatest ever All-Time Test XI. I have only had the pleasure of watching two of their greats - Malcolm Marshall and Desmond Haynes - live, and even they were nearing the end of their careers by then. Today is the last round of group matches in Barbados (There will be the final on 16th) and it seems about right to mention the greats whose names adorn the various stands at the renovated Kensington Oval.

1. Desmond Haynes
2. Gordon Greenidge
3. Everton Weekes
4. Clyde Walcott (Wk)
5. Frank Worrell (C)
6. Garfield Sobers
7. Malcolm Marshall
8. Wes Hall
9. Charlie Griffith
10. Joel Garner
11. Herman Griffith

I wonder if even Australia or England have produced cricketers in their long and illustrious history to match the class, fire and force comparable to what Barbados has produced. the quality of cricketers produced by Barbados and the Caribbean has diminished considerably in the last two decades, as can be seen from the fact that none of the aforementioned eleven have played an international match in over 16 years. However, there still are cricketers like Fidel Edwards and Kemar Roach who can turn back the clock to when the Bajans put the fear of God in the batsmen's mind. Don't believe me? Just ask Kevin Pietersen and Ricky Ponting.

I would like to end this post by asking the readers to contribute whatever anecdotes or incidents they might have heard, read or seen from these cricketing giants. I tried to look up a poem on the Three W's. I heard Tony Cozier recite it on Television. It would be great if someone here could dig it up and share it with us.


raj said...

Where is har'bajan' in your 11?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Haha good one Raj

Mahek said...

LOL, I gotta admit when I get pwned. Raj bhai, you have taken :)