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India's big budget T20 cast:

by Gaurav Sethi

GG: What am I doing here, my place is back home in Delhi with my loved ones.

M Vijay: What am I doing here, my place is back home in Chennai with my loved league.

Raina: I can’t win every game when you all are hell bent on losing every game.

Nohit Sharma: I’m telling you I NO HIT the ball – it was my arm

Yuvraj Singh: I’m sulking. Why am I not Kings XI India captain? Areh, I didn’t know Windies had a spinner – who’s this Benn Ch*d??

MSD: Yes, of course…you cannot plan for everything…if we win the toss against Sri Lanka, I will field first just to show you what a cocky guy I am…and yes of course we will field the same team too…I’d like show what a cocky guy I am…but there are a few passengers on this tour…

Yusuf Pathan: I’m giving you 4 overs, and you can’t even give me Warne as coach. Thank you for batting me down the order, my gifts are well hidden there.

Bhajji: I want to bat up the order, bowl up the order, field up the order but not at silly point!

Jadeja: I’m sorry for being me. Soon I will vanish.

I sound like an arrogant sob but that’s what works in a team where appearances are everything..and don’t get me started on Mishra…

Zaks: I’m pricey of course I’ll be costly.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

NC - attributing other reasons is to overstimate these lads and gloss over a simple fact : they're just flat track subcontinent bullies not good enough for pace and bounce , to either handle it as batsmen or exploit it as bowlers. so it has always been and so it shall be, i dont think it'll ever change !lets just enjoy our success whenever conditions are good , and am sure BCCI will pretty soon mandate all international tourneys to be held in india and we'll get ours yet ! :) for now , well, this was always coming !

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, a poor man's NZL that's what we was - still hung up on playing wannabe allrounders. Oh right, the specialists are for test cricket. Yeah, this was coming even MS knew it and acted accordingly at the toss. The moisture was between his ears.