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RDX: Out of my comfort zone

by Gaurav Sethi

When I first read the title of Steve Waugh’s book, I thought he had dedicated the book to me. Btw I plan to start an NGO called WRY, and no, it is not affiliated to CRY.

Earlier I had to do some odd jobs like keeping wickets or serving drinks in the dressing room to justify my inclusion in the playing eleven. That was weird enough, now I have to be the team mouthpiece. Everyone knows, I’m a loner, and prefer to keep to myself than take on the opposition in a pre-series war of words.

To take on Mendis was not my idea. But seeing as I cannot keep wickets anymore, MS will not allow it, and serving drinks is now officially Mishra’s job, they had to assign a thankless job to me.

Frankly I do not know if we are prepared for Mendis, or for that matter if Mendis is prepared for us. That we’ll only know after the series. I won’t say a lot depends on the start our openers give us, as last time in spite of their good starts we made a total hash of things. I can assure you this much, if our openers fail to give us a good start, my personal contributions will be better.

It’s odd how the media has clubbed Yuvi and me together, making it sound like a return of sorts. While we will be both playing for India after a while, neither of us has been dropped from the test team.

I have just received a message, appears I now have to take on Vaas and Jayasuria in the press. Unless they want me to take on the retirement plans in Sri Lanka, I find this totally uncalled for.

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