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Howards End

by Gaurav Sethi

Waqar Younis, Ijaz Ahmed and Aqib Javed are browsing through DVDs, when Waqar jumps with joy

Waqar: GotGreatStuffMate!

Ijaz: Genghis Khan?

Aqib: Sholay?

Waqar: Howards End! GonnaBuyItOnly2QuidMate! BeAbsolutelyLovelyForTheBuoys… ToGetUpToDateOnCricketPoliticsMate…

Ijaz: Oye, look at cover Waqar Bhai

Waqar: aaa that’s aaa SomeKindaPromoMate

The Three arrive at the team hotel and arrange for a movie screening of Howards End for the Team; all are seated together

Waqar: IDon’tWannaGiveNuthinAwayBuoys…JustThisMovie…YaGonnaSee…ItzAbout…Howards End

Kamran Akmal: Shahid Bhai Shahid Bhai, who this Howards End

Shahid Bhai: Oye Stupid yaar, these English have funny names naa…Howards is first name, End is second name

Waqar: SSSH PlayingDVDMate!

Shahid Bhai: As skipper I wanna say some words to the buoys…

Waqar nods…

Shahid Bhai: Enjoy film…but remember you are the STAR!

Shahid strikes his hero pose and the team cheers and starts to grope him
That’s when Ramiz Raja walks into the room…

Ramiz: Waqar wasup, movie? What movie – Sholay?

Aqib: I wanted Sholay…

Waqar: latest cricket film on John Howard…

Ramiz: Yeah, wow! Let’s watch…

(To be Contd)

1 comment:

Oliver Beth said...

Yes, I had also heard about the screening of the crazy celine dion movie for the players by the board and I think they should also have such activities to release stress.