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The WTF T20 Series

by Gaurav Sethi

If you knew there was a T20 game today, before today, then you are some piece of work. The mobile phone sponsors are doing a great disservice to mobile phone credibility with their advertising, top that, they sponsor a deferred T20 Cup – how can it be telecast Live when both teams are dead. India was all along, now even Zim is. They lost the toss.

Initially I took the solitary T20 game to constitute a cup, but there’s a second game tomorrow. It’s bad enough Yusuf Pathan was the match man of today, denying an anonymous left-armer who went for under three runs-per-over. Clear case of wrong guy getting the award, could have been worse, the wrong Ojha.

Then little man Chawla descended from somewhere; the selectors keen to make up for Chawla’s World T20 invisibility, played him for an entire T20 game – though at one point I did see him walk away.

The openers continued in the rich vein of Tamil Nadu batsmen that make the highest level their lowest level – and before you say, Naman Oja is from MP, I did hear him say, “Areh ho sambar”.

On an unrelated note, isn’t Mpofu a fascinating name, and it makes me wanna sing that Prince song, you sexy Mpofu…how bad can tomorrow’s game be, there is always the football world cup. Same time as your T20 game.


Purna said...

I knew that there was a T20 game before today...but only because Mahek told me!

Aditya said...

The anonymous One couldn't even muster a label for himself in this post!

More of a "Nobody" than a certain Mishra ? at-least @ BCC!

Arvind said...

are you guys following the India A tour of England? Jaidev Unadkat appears to be doing a good job there.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Purna, The Mahek who knew too much

Gaurav Sethi said...

Aditya, ok, will label him.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi Arvind, with his neck, Jaidev will push Ishant hard

Gaurav Sethi said...

Aditya, have labeled as Anonymous