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The inscrutable bunch

by Dhaanu

- A player who has made retiring and unretiring a hobby of sorts.
- A player accused of tampering the pitch / ball / both who is appointed captain.
- A premier fast bowler who has gone through a gamut of problems which range from indiscipline to throwing to genital warts.
- Another fastie who when he is not snorting, is the real successor of the “Pigeon” (Finn can go fly a kite)
- A kid who enthralls us with his prefect “Waz” impressions i.e. if we are not grappling with the actual quantum of his age.
- A bowler who can bowl toe crushers in his sleep when he is not abusing his IPL captain.
- A pair of hyper talented brothers who can be as prolific as the Waughs if they curb their knack of indulging in, well, shady activities.
- A team whose current members and alumni have been accused of all sort of actions ranging from match fixing to ball tampering to smoking hash to rebelling against captain/coach to….well, all sort of actions.
- A team gifted with a board which is daft / unprofessional/ clueless and the “butt” of all jokes.
- A team which gifts fivers to devastating bowlers like Watson, North and, well, Ganguly (Toronto, you remember??)
- A team that has their top players retiring/deserting/sulking all the time and which still can compete with the best (though in patches).
- A team which can have a young and inexperienced player become captain at short notice and still blast the opposition for less than 100 runs.
This may sound like an extremely disjointed and inconsistent post. In a way it perfectly symbolizes the Pakistan cricket team.

1 comment:

Govind Raj said...

Absolutely Brilliant !