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Aftermath of Randivgate

by Gaurav Sethi

To overcome the Randiv incident, we propose a Goodwill Series between India and Sri Lanka...


Sujan Rao said...

OMG! Enuf of IND-SL.

Govind Raj said...


Actually they should announce an immediate 2 year Ceasefire between India and Sri Lanka as a goodwill gesture.

It should start from today, which means even the ongoing series should be restricted to New Zealand vs India and New Zealand vs Sri Lanka matches.

Whoever makes the final makes no difference, one of the teams in final should be New Zealand.

And if Sri Lanka is the other team, the final should be awarded to Kiwis as a punishment for Randivgate :-)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

:) ha ha ha ...oh god , oh god , oh god - paraphrasing old trad blues lines : lord , we're down so low , low looks like up to us ! Yeah , they were singing about Ind-SL cricket back then in orleans and chicago ... BCCI needs to be tried for human rights abuse .... god - and top post , sir - as usual , what drawing ! :)