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Happy Bored Day - Peep Lee Live

by Ankit Poddar

You could say that I am 7 days late for my Bored Day post. But the fact is I am 5 years early. For the 2nd Bored Day, I have already said my 2 lines, this post is coming to you from 2015. Yeah, it is one of those premonition posts, and you could stop reading right now, if you love the suspense.


Hi, this is Brett Lee reporting Live from the 7th Bored Day held here in a local coffee shop called Bored Coffee Crazy Indians in Delhi. Peeping in to the Bored Day celebrations has long been a dream and I am glad it is coming true.


Most of the bored memebers are present here, considering they all have to report to Red Fort day after tomorrow on account of India's Independence Day. If the rumours that are trickling in are to be believed, Indian PM Rahul Gandhi will be felicitating the entire Bored team, for making cricket bearable to its masses.

It has been decided (after a handful of choicest Punjabi abuses, hurling everywhere) that the shop will not be throwing out RajaB for not bringing in his suggestions to the Bored Menu for the coffee shop.

Som has come prepared with a 7 point agenda (it reads 7 entries in Shahid Afridi's Diary on 7 Bored Days)and ABisht's in a corner cartooning on stray tissues

The two Ankits cannot be seen, but I'm sure they're lurking around.

Although Homer and Maheka are seated alongside each other, they have entered into a heated discussion on Twitter

Achettup has arrived in trousers that are short on length and is the butt of most jokes here. Most of them are from Naked Cricket, as his 'Jokes are funny, Butt...' has become a best seller in Pakistan.

Breaking News: Bored has got a new member, the youngest at that. It should be remembered that her debut game was some years away, but then she was so very young too.

Straight Point can be seen beaming in a corner. Bored is like family, after all.


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