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Suraj Randiv's inpiration and other assorted confessions.

by Gaurav Sethi

As a young boy I was inspired by Murali, especially that time when he was called for no-balling down under. More than learning how to bowl new deliveries, I always wanted to bowl no-balls to create new controversies.

While chucking the ball is one way to be called, you can’t always rely on this method. It is very complex, what with the angles, and umpires shying away from their responsibilities.

The moment Sehwag hit me for that big six I decided, I will also hit him for six. First the four byes, you’ll never know, will you? And then when India needed just one run to win.

Thanks to all the ICC Rules books I’ve consumed, I knew, if I bowled a no-ball, Sehwag will be denied a richly deserved hundred. That will hurt, just like he hurt me with that 6. Of course, I could have bowled a wide, a beamer but that would’ve been too blatant.

I was first thinking to run halfway down the pitch and bowl the ball, but again too blatant. So before I overstepped, by only a few feet, mind you, I nudged the umpire, Ranmore Martinesz, and then whispered to him in Sinhalese…watch my foot, watch my foot. First he replied no ball in Sinhalese, and then extended his arm. Just proves, no balls speak a universal language but we Sri Lankans have a better accent.


Som said...

As usual, good one, NC. SLC can't afford to antagonise BCCI. Can almost see the dressing down in the dressing room. But then Randiv invited it.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Thanks Som, scary bit is they could have a goodwill series to overcome the mojo