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After Lalit Modi, what have the post match parties come to

by Gaurav Sethi

It’s a massive dormitory, bunkers strewn all over the place. The players enter in single file, wearing team coloured pajamas, holding on to a pillow each.

There are also some Indian industrialists in their kurta pajamas, dressing gowns, boxers, looking on as they sip on their hot beverages.

An obscure nursery rhyme in Afrikaans starts to play as the players start to wrestle it out with their pillows.

MSD: This is clean fun!

As he says this, he gets whacked by Parthiv Patel

Parthiv: Better watch out, skipper

MSD: Oh, I was on my Aircel

Cut to Sachin making an appearance in his MI blue coloured PJs

Sachin: Parties like this even I can attend

Bhajji: Paaji, if you attend then it will be a great party

Rhodes: Great, we can all have a field day

Kumble walks in with Dravid, both are wearing RC PJs

Kumble: Very smooth, no hangover

Dravid: Yeah, I can easily have another one

Pandey: And age no bar, party bar bar

Mallaya rolls in on a barrel of beer, but promptly stops

Mallya: Oh sorry, wrong party – even I know when to stop without Modi's bad influence

Mallya Jr: Sports and partying go together, if it’s a clean party!

Padukone: You mean it’s safe for me to be here

Suddenly a motley crew of cricketers appear, singing in chorus

Chorus: It’s safe for you! It is!

Announcer (Bhogle): This After Match CLT Party was brought to you by Nescafe  and Surf. Because the competition is clean....and it's hotting up. 

1 comment:

Govind Raj said...

The song for the occasion:

Where's the Party tonight !

And don't forget Amar Singh dropping in happy that here is a 'New' and 'Clean' party he can join for the next general elections !