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Keep Talking Bhajji, Not Like You're Doing Much Else

by achettup

Don't you just love cricinfo's Quote Unquote section? Of late they've been filled with yet another outspoken surd's words of wisdom, who seems to be following in the footsteps of fellow loud mouths Bishen Singh Bedi and Navjot Singh Sidhu, with probably half their talent, at both cricket & yakking, at best.

Take this classy quote on September 5th:

I will slap any bookie who will come near me, big time.
Please also take some wickets, BIG TIME!
Followed up a mere two days later with:
I will cut off those fingers
(to any fingers that are pointed to his recent form). Sure, one would suspect you have scared most umpires with this quote, they don't seem to raise their index fingers anymore when you bowl... oh except when they have the courage to raise both hands... which is pretty often.
Followed up with:
 I don't know, but the way he was batting right-handed, it did not look as if he was right-handed.
Hahaha, you've got me in splits turdinator.  By the way when you throw the ball, it doesn't look like you are bowling right-handed either. So lets see the big mouth's record in recent times:

Champions League: 6.3 overs, no wickets and 53 runs conceded.

Initially an attacking spinner, Plaha has degenerated into an alleged "restrictive" bowler. I suppose conceding 8.15 rpo is something to brag about, maybe you can say that is a whole effing run less than the rest of the team, except the captain has so little faith in you that he doesn't even bowl you out nowadays. And when he gives you the chance, the opposition wins before you can finish the over.

Ok T20s are one thing, what about the darter's performances in tests? Over the last year, India's so-called leading bowler has these outstanding figures:

Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10
8 14 409.3 63 1249 27 5/59 8/123 46.25 3.05 91 1 0

Wah! Take out the figures against South Africa, whose batsmen "were not in India on holiday", on a tailor-made-just-for-him Kolkata pitch and watch that pathetic average balloon to just under 60 (59.26) and already miserable strike rate shoot up to 106 balls (17.4 overs) per dismissal. Lets all stand and clap for Test Cricket's current leading wicket taker and his record, "which speaks for itself."

You just keep yapping Bhajji, don't worry about all that talk about empty vessels. But remember it will take your actions to be truly deafening before they will speak louder than your words.


straight point said...

i sincerely hope that your fingers survive to write another post...

Keith said...

Add this one released during the T20 WC "I don't like going to the gym because i might get bulky and that will affect my bowling " By the end of his career i see him achieving what Bradman narrowly missed - a triple digit average.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Good stuff A

Anonymous said...

I seriously believe Ashwin is better than him.

Govind Raj said...

Anonymous, why should you seriously believe? Even without seriousness, Ashwin, Rajesh Chauhan [has he retired ?], Virendar Sehwag, and Sachin Tendulkar [when he isn't bowling leg spin] are better off-spinners than Bhajji on current form.