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The Night Of the IPL Generals.

by Gaurav Sethi

After BRC’s defeat to the Redbacks, the 3 IPL captains hurriedly meet for dinner.They are just about to get chatting, when Sachin’s phone rings

Sachin: Hello


Sachin (repeats): He says DADAHERE

MSD: Is it a verified account?

Kumble: Does twitter allow you to make phone calls? I was not aware the technology existed

Sachin (to Sourav): Are you calling from your twitter account?

Sourav: No, DADAHERE…can I join you?

Before we know it, Sourav joins the 3 captains

Sourav: Aaah, nice, 4 Indian skippers here, 3 former, one present…may I join you?

MSD: Areh, after joining you are asking?

Sourav disregards MSD’s comments and pulls a chair for himself…Sachin and Sourav exchange pleasantries, Kumble is irritated, like he is when he bowls one down leg and is hit for a four…

Kumble: Can we start boys..

MSD: Oye, we are not your boys anymore!

(Genuine laughter, Kumble feigns a smile, then his phone rings, it’s Dravid)

Dravid: Are you coming for dinner, I’m at the coffee shop…

Kumble: Eh…

MSD: What is it now, can we start now, this was supposed to be an emergency meeting…

And just then MSD’s phone rings, it’s Raina

Raina: Should I order pineapple raita or mixed raita?

MSD: Eh…pineapple kar de

Naturally the meeting is adjourned. Sourav and Sachin walk out together, while Kumble and MSD go out talking on their phones.

Ganguly's twitter handle is dadahere

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