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Now ECB blames BCCI over twittergate

by KhufiaBaaz

In yet another exposé by NotWe's sting operation, it's been revealed that KP's f*ck tweet was nothing but a well thought out move backed by BCCI officials and executed to perfection by KP himself.

It boils down to BCCI conspiring to make KP available for the Champions League (CLT20). And the only way KP could've been available for the League was if he was free of international commitments.

A seething ECB after the exposé have not only blasted the BCCI, but have also lodged a formal complaint with the ICC for the suspension of the CLT20.

According to our sources, the ICC will seriously consider making an example out of this incident.

An internal inquiry into the matter suggests that there has been an upsurge in such 'accidental' f*ck tweets, in the hope the cricket boards drop the players from the national squads paving the way for more lucrative leagues like the CLT20 and IPL where they can earn more for far lesser efforts.

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