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The Night Before: In the Pak Camp

by Gaurav Sethi

A day before Pakistan’s T20 game vs. South Africa, the team is supposed to meet in their captain’s bed room, instead there is plenty of confusion

Afridi (on the phone to Manager): Nobody’s in my room!

Manager: Where are you?

Afridi: I’m in my room

Manager: But you said nobody’s…

Afridi: I’m not a nobody! What I’m saying, is like this, that the nobody has come to turn up in my room

Cut to Misbah on the phone

Misbah (to Manager): Why is everybody in my room?

Manager: Aren’t you the captain?

Misbah: yes but…

Manager: then what’s the problem…

Misbah: I’m not the T20 captain…

Manager: Then who is? Salman…no…who is?

Misbah: I think Afridi but I’m not sure

Manager: Younis is on the phone from Pakistan…hold on…

By now the poor Manager is juggling with three phones

Younis Khan (to Manager): I want an explanation NOW…what are these players doing in my house

On another line

Afridi (to Manager): Oye? Where are you? I HATE WAITING! I will RESIGN from T20 cricket if you keep me waiting…

Just then Zulqarnain Haider walks into Afridi’s room

Afridi: What are you doing here? Weren’t you injured? Where is Kamran?

Elsewhere Shoiab Akhtar walks into Misbah’s room

Shoiab Akhtar: Congrats buddy on captaincy and all that mate…you had it coming…I’ll play under you man...mate... dude...buddy…

Misbah: But I’m not the captain

Shoiab Akhtar: Bastards…I never believe what they write in the tabloids anyways…so who’s the skipper buddy? Me? Hahahaha that be cool

Afridi bustles into the room, furious

Afridi: We have to forget what happened during the tour of  England!

Shoaib Akhtar: Hey mate, I wasn't there - what happened?

Which is when, Shahid Bhai sits Shoiab Akhtar down, and gives him a blow by blow account of what happened in England..

Misbah (aside, sardonic): Everybody knows, Shoiab Akhtar only reads the news when he's in it...everybody except Shahid Bhai

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Masuud said...

Hahah! Quality stuff!