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The Ponting - Zaheer saga, Part 1

by Ankit

in the Ponting - Zaheer Saga, what you think is not what they think. Here is the what and how:

two days before the Mohali test, at a 5 star hotel somewhere in Mohali

The Aussies are all in a room, drawing strategies to bring the downfall of India and to take home the Border-Gavaskar Meme. Everyone seems to be serious. Suddenly, Ponting takes off his earphones mumbling something to the tune of "who put Radiohead in my iPod?"

Then, convinced that everyone had stopped thinking and talking about the Indians, he proclaimed: "this is your  skipper speaking. North, look here! Your concentration levels are so low I would not be surprised if even if someone as bad as Zaheer Khan bowled you while you were shouldering arms. Ok, where was I. Yes, we play Ind... Dougy!!! stop that singing. No wait, as a punishment you have to sing it loud so that everyone can listen and make fun of you. On my count. 3....2...1...go..."

Bollinger, not at all ashamed, stuffs a $100 bill which he had been playing with into his pocket and starts singing:

I like IPL 'cos it is good 

I love IPL because I should
if there was a song to sing
I sing it and IPL you bring
I think IPL when I am sad
''cause the IPL it makes me glad
now there's nothing left to say
so lets go get auctioned...

to this tune.

Ponting gets more upset and starts spitting on his palm. "See, this is what becomes of people who just care about money. Look at Pup, look at me. We have the power of restraint, a willingness to just represent our beloved nation." Pup smiles in servitude. Ponting continues, "Don't all of you think that we should not sell ourselves like Bollinger has?"

Everyone else, apart from Pup, responds in chorus:

IPL is good 
IPL is good 
IPL is good
... and Stuff 

IPL is good 
IPL is good 
IPL is good 
let's go think some IPL

to be continued...

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