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Working overtime on Laxman's back

by KhufiaBaaz

Laxman was obviously tired, the physios had been going at his back for nearly three days. Even when Laxman hinted at catching a nap at night, the physio informed him, “go ahead, sleep, just leave your back awake”.

When the physio finally gave up, there was talk of flying in a Bangkok masseur to which Laxman raised his hands in objection, “I’m a married man, these Bangkok girls are no good, leave me out of this please…no IPL monkey business for me”

Often in his career, Laxman has exposed the tail to the quicks, taking singles on the first ball. It appears the tailenders are now talking of returning the favour – “I’d like to see Laxman handle some of those short balls now” said one, while another hinted at taking a single on the first ball.


vmminerva said...

Ha! good one! No IPL monkey business indeed!
It's easy to critisize Laxman for exposing the tail, but it's not easy to bat with the tail either. If one doesnt rotate strike, one gets blamed for not "trusting" the tail ender or not scoring. Bless dear Laxman. Hope he can save India, again. Yes, we're a selfish lot.

Unknown said...

but Steve Waugh also used to do just that....sort of a challenge to opposition....hope Laxman is not needed tomorrow and SRT himself does the job

Mahek said...

It's impossible for one man to win it from here. Well, from any situation really. Tendulkar will need a lot of support and it's hard to see us winning if Laxman can't bat, not that his availability would make this a cakewalk.