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Song Number 3 - A Song For Cheteshwar Pujara

by achettup

They got our Che playing
On a 5th day pitch
It wasn't easy,
But there's only one Che

When he dances down the track WOOHOO!
And he pulls down their short crap WOOHOO!
When he drives it so easy,
All of the time why I'm never sure why
they didn't pick him... well they picked him!

He got a rough one
Made up with a half-ton
He had no prob-lem
He makes it no prob-lem.....

When he flicks it off his hips WOOHOO!
When he cuts it far from the slips WOOHOO!
When he's batting in the middle,
All of the time why I'm never sure why
they didn't pick him... well now they've picked him!

Yeah now they've picked him!
Yeah Yeah!
Yeah Yeah!
Oh Yeah!


Govind Raj said...

Pujara has arrived.

Che is here to stay !

Thanks Rahul for being 'The Wall' for all these years.

But the No. 3 slots seems to be taken now !

It is time to say Dravid RIP
[Retire In Peace].

ram5160 said...

Wow, who would have expected that from Dhoni?
I first read about Che on this website. You guys must be delighted.

Unknown said...

exactly as ram5160 says, i started following Che through BCCI (Bored one) only.....cheerz

ram5160 said...

This is really funny read this. Old man Bedi's really lost it.

straight point said...

and ram... what part of it you are in disagreement with bedi there...?

ram5160 said...

LOL straight point. I thought his excuse to get out of giving tips to Hauritz was particularly awesome.

achettup said...

@Govind Raj: If only it were that easy... I think we'll hear the rallying calls for giving Rahul (YET ANOTHER) chance and how only he can handle the bowling in SA (irrespective of how inaccurate that is based on the previous series he played there)
@ram5160 I can tell you there are a few Bored members who are going to be delirious for a while... I shudder to imagine what people will think of us once Che becomes a regular, we might be accused of eating too many, ahem, mushrooms all the time.
@deekay nice to know, cheers!