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Warne offers Hauritz help

by The Cricket Couch

The great leg spinning captain of the suspended Rajasthan Royals, Shane Warne, has offered to help the beleagured Australian test spinner Nathan Hauritz. Warne is of the opinion that, if Hauritz is gonna be such a shite offspinner where he starts the ball waaay outside the offstump and rarely attack the stumps, he might as well become a legspinner. At least he can blame it on the fact that being a wrist spinner is an extremely hard task and the ball doesn't come out all right, all the time.

The acute eyes of Warne doesn't miss anything. He said in an interview on why he prefers Hauritz over Steve Smith. "Steve Smith is still a long way short of being Australia's No.1 Test spinner" and the fact that Smith is actually a pig. The shrewd warne figured out pigs can't bowl leg spin. (Although, all the women that Warne has bedded would disagree.)

He further added on the diffident mentality of the current Australian team. "The best way to learn to win is have a mindset where you have to attack. You have to be prepared to lose.. to win..". He might as well be talking about his upcoming poker tournament in Vegas or Monaco or London or Mars, who really knows!

When asked why he uses LOL so much while he tweets, Warne said, "Mate, I have made a tape of recent Australia matches where Punter's captaincy is in full flow. And the darned tape is stuck on repeat!"

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