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Doh! Happy Bored Day Shri Honorable Bored Member Homer!

by achettup

Have you ever squirmed in anticipation of taking on the best debater in the first round of a competition? Knowing he will dissect your argument with ease, expose weak links in your suppositions, tear to shreds your examples by putting them in a different context, expose your ignorance in several areas of the topic under discussion, demonstrate his own expertise on the subject and craft the perfect speech based on his meticulous research, send you home packing in a wail of tears?

Well, Bored member Homer has felt like that several times prior to engaging me in a discussion!

Just kidding... Before he was an exclusive bored member, Homer ran the most thoroughly researched cricket blog on the internet. I don't know how he does it, but give him an example of unfair reporting and within a couple of minutes he will dig out a link that shows the offending writer/reporter contradicting himself ala Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Erudite and with a photographic memory, you would much rather argue with him than against him, as I have often discovered when trying to convince him that the new BCCI are actually overlords of darkness trying to crucify Lalit Modi and Test cricket. Rather than hold any of that against him, the only thing I am really annoyed with him about is that he ended his blog "Do Paise Ka Tamasha" or 'Homer's Two Cents' after correctly predicting the result of the last Ashes (did I mention his deep and keen insight in the game of cricket?). Maybe he could give us all a birthday treat and deliberately predict the result of this Ashes wrong and then start blogging again?

As Mumbaikars go, Homer is right up there in the Raj Thackeray league. He would fight tooth and nail for Rohit Sharma's inclusion and is rumored to be behind the revolutionary movement "The Peoples Front For Ajit Agarkar" (well, not really, but a little exaggeration never hurt anyone) , and for some odd reason keeps reminding everyone how well Munaf Patel set up Kyle Mills in New Zealand. The silver lining though is that he has deep knowledge of the domestic scene and was among the first Bored members to spot Che. Then there is also his quite brilliant analysis of several core issues that have cropped up in recent times in cricket, from WADA to UDRS to the Howard nomination, Ijaz Butt's claims that the Pakistan were ignored from participating in the Champions League and so many more.

Bored fans, might I present to you the Hon. Shri Homerji, Bored Member, Bored Cricket Crazy Indians, so that you might salute him today as I do, on the occasion of his birthday.

Happy Bored Day Homer!


straight point said...

riveting read much like arguments of homer...

happy bored day homer... and how i wish you predict this asses wrongly and start collecting your two cents... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Happy Bored Day Homer!

I can't argue with what Achettup's written, but I'm sure you can.

Som said...

Happpy Birthday Homer:)

Megha said...

Happy Bored Day Shri Homer! :)