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Happy Bored Day Purna Hassan Cricket Minded

by Mahek

I look at the Bangladeshi team and think "GODDAMNIT why don't they ever take a shower"???? Well, one conversation with Purna and I think to myself "GODDAMNIT I need to cleanse myself of all the evil thoughts she's put in my head".

She loves her Saffas and ofcourse her fellow countrymen. She's also a major fan of Mohammad Ashraful, so much so that she coined a lovely nickname for him "Crashrafool". If you think that's not funny she coined one for AB de Villiers trying to play the Dilscoop (And horribly failing to execute it). She calls it the "Shitscoop".

Cricket runs in her blood as her father is a big fan of cricket. He also looks a lot like Zaheer Abbas. She claims Mushfiqur Rahim is her son but it's hard to believe her considering she's in her mid twenties (Or so she says). She also has plans to have the bebbies with Dale Steyn and has been devising an evil plan to get rid of his supermodel girlfriend.

Outside of cricket, like most Bengalis, she loves her football. Sadly she roots for the wrong team in Real Madrid although she makes up for it by being a fierce Spanish supporter. Her blog is a nice getaway from all the serious stuff we cricket fans gorge ourselves on but make sure there aren't any minors around you when you go to it. I swear she swears like a Pirate from the Caribbean.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Bored Day Purna Hassan Cricket Minded. May you continue to stink up the blogosphere with your nasty posts!!!

Catch Purna take the piss out of the world at


Homer said...

Happy Bored Day Purna!

straight point said...

happy bored day purna... may nz drop in desh more often...

Gaurav Sethi said...

Happy Bored Day Purna!

Good one Mahek.

Megha said...

Happy bored day Purna!

Som said...

Just woke up....Happy birth day :)